Recent Reviews:

(They weren't even forced to say this!)

"I surely did enjoy the show!"
- Vampira

"Ghoul A Go-Go is the only decent thing left on the %@&* dial!"
- -- Lux Interior, The Cramps

"It is WONDERFUL! The production value is very good...the characters are great, the segments all funny, and the whole thing is one of the best indy produced shows I've seen in a long time. And I love that theme song!"
- Timothy Gassen,from the band The Marshmallow Overcoat and author of the book 'Knights of Fuzz'

"A fantastic job!!!!! That is one of the coolest, most fun things I have watched in like foreversville!"
- Freddy Fortune, Freddy & The Four-Gone Conclusions

"The wife and I just finished watching 'Ghoul a Go-Go'! Wow. I totally didn't know what to expect. Beautiful, just beautiful. What would we do without paper? You guys are geniuses... er, genii, um...."
-Sam, Mondo Topless

"Ghoul A Go-Go is a bizarre mix of classic horror host antics, early 60's dance shows, and afternoon kiddie programs....the show you wish existed when you were a kid. An irresistible mind warping experience. Crazy stuff."
- Shemp!: The Low-Life Culture Magazine

"Ghoul A Go-Go Volume 1 is a DVD release from Something Weird Video collecting the first three episodes of this new cult classic. This disc simply whets the appetite, leaving you begging for more of the maddest program ever shown. Any monster kid worth their weight in latex masks will appreciate the lengths that these fiends go to just to entertain and educate we the viewer"
- The Hacker's Source: The Gateway to Independent Horror

"Finally sat down and watched GHOUL A GO-GO!! Chiller Theatre Magazine gives them "3 Thumbs UP"!! Excellent work!! Excellent Clips!! In B&W, Genius!! I love these shows!! My six year old daughter, Sara Jane, was up dancing away to it!!"
- Kevin Clement, Chiller Theatre Magazine, Chiller Convention

Our Best Review Ever!

Here is a review we found on somebody's blog following one of our live shows. It's sooo good we had to give it it's own page!