Well, hello dere!
Trying to contact the other side?

Tired of strip-mall 'Gypsies' mumbling into fishbowls? Tarrot cards not getting you anywhere? Bored of Capt. Howdy-type Ouija board sessions where nobody can spell?

Well, don't spend another night holding some stranger's clammy hands at one of those discount seances! Now there are two great ways to get a message through to the other side.

The first way is called E-mail and it works like this:
Your computer is an instrument of the Devil. By special arrangement, he's agreed to carry your messages through to the other side. All you have to do is click on the skull below, compose your letter, and attach a bit of your soul. Yes, that's right; it actually is cheaper than the Post Office.

Then there is the second way to contact us.
Now kids, this gets a little scary!
First, get yourself a piece of paper and compose your little letter. Writing in blood works best! Next, place your letter into an envelope. On the outside of the envelope write these magic words:

Ghoul a Go-Go
34 Marlon Lane
Hauppauge N.Y.11975

By the light of the full moon, place it in a box by your front door or curbside. Then wait...


If you want to contact Vlad, Creighton, or The Invisible Man directly(instead of some secretary troll),



The Invisibleman

or go here where you can find the individual home pages for them along with their e-mail address.